19″ Wall Cabinets

19" Wall Mounted CabinetsCherry & White offer a strong and robust 19″ wall mounted cabinet. Fully ventilated, with a lockable steel framed glass door for safety and security. Quick release hinges allow for easy access to the cabinet for loading equipment and cables, lockable side panels allow access from both sides. Gland plate covers and cable strain relief positions are included on the top and bottom of the cabinet.

Cabinet Datasheet

Height Depth Width Weight Order Number
1 6U 450mm 600mm 20.5Kg WC016
2 9U 450mm 600mm 24Kg WC019
3 12U 450mm 600mm 27.5Kg WC0112
4 15U 450mm 600mm 31Kg WC0115
5 18U 450mm 600mm 36.5Kg WC0118
6 22U 450mm 600mm 41Kg WC0122
7 9U 600mm 600mm 28.5Kg WC029
8 12U 600mm 600mm 32.5Kg WC0212
9 15U 600mm 600mm 36Kg WC0215
10 18U 600mm 600mm 42Kg WC0218

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