FOCIR Managed Fibre Optic Media Converter

FOCIR Managed Fibre Optic Media ConverterThe FOCIR is an Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet media converter or dual port switch card from copper to fibre or fibre to fibre. This card and the transported link are fully manageable from the chassis AMS-MEDIA16-SNMP. This card supports also the administration of the distant device FOCI over the fiber ‘’In-Band’’ with a proprietary communication.

FOCIR Datasheet

The FOCIR media converter range is compatible with the AMS Media 16 managed rack system, which provides power and management for to up to 16 media converters in a convenient 2U chassis.

AMS Media 16 Media Converter Chassis


FOCIR Media Converter & AMS Media 16 Rack

FOCI Connected to an AMS Media 16