XM-F4E1/S4E1-4TTX Ethernet Over E1 Inverse Multiplexer

TXM-F4E1-4TTX Ethernet over E1 Bridging Multiplexerhe XM-F4E1-4TTX / XM-S4E1-4TTX is an Ethernet Inverse Mux that provides point to point connectivity from 10/100 BaseT LAN to LAN over 4 parallel E1 links. The XM-F4E1-4TTX is a solution for Telco’s to deploy large Ethernet bandwidth over E1 infrastructures. The XM-F4E1-4TTX / XM-S4E1-4TTX uses GFP and VCAT encapsulation mode and LCAS protocol which performs automatic E1 channel failure detection and re-assigns the number of E1 channels for the transport of Ethernet traffic.

XM-F4E1/S4E1-4TTX Data Sheet


XM-F4E1-4TTX Ethernet over E1 Bridging Mux