i6800-series Residential Gateway

i6800 Residential Ethernet Gateway The i6800 Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) gateway demonstrates its great strength by bringing together a wide feature set and flawless performance. Its foundation is built on a powerful, cutting-edge dual-core architecture. This, paired with an ASIC for packet forwarding, ensures the platform is always ready to cope with additional tasks while processing VoIP, Gigabit routing of IPv4 with NAT, IPv6 and stateful filtering, traffic switching/bridging and high speed Wi-Fi.

i6800 Series Datasheet

With Wi-Fi becoming the preferred communication technology inside the home, the need for fast and stable wireless connections is becoming ever more important. The i6800 FTTH gateway delivers not only backwards compatibility with any 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi certified device, but also includes the very latest standard — 802.11ac. With the added 802.11ac solution, the i6800 is capable of delivering 867+300 Mbps and more than 650 Mbps of combined throughput in real home and office environment.

The i6800 provides exceptional Layer 2 functionality that can effortlessly handle 16 bridging instances, 16 Wi-Fi APs over 2 radios, multiple WAN interfaces, PPPoE and in-band secure management. The CATV AGC receiver offers broadband cable television services to the subscriber with seamless monitoring and configuration of the power levels. As an optional feature, this FTTH gateway offers a complete and customizable filter solution with low-pass filters for individual RF channel plans.

A great variety of management protocols (e.g. SNMP v1/v2, syslog, SSH, Telnet and TR-069) is integrated and supported, which guarantees effortless control over the i6800. Paired with our fail-proof, zero-touch auto-provisioning mechanism, they provide easy and trouble-free daily operations. To guarantee effortless firmware roll-outs, in harsh network environments, the i6800 also comes with dual-bank firmware.

The i6800 FTTH gateway supports the unique Smart Home platform via state-of-the-art low-consuming wireless technology. The platform offers great solutions for end-users within Alarm & Surveillance, Energy Management and Home automation. The cloud-based platform connects to third party device-hardware, which makes the possibilities for connecting devices close to endless. For the network operator or service provider, the platform offers a unique opportunity for additional revenue streams and higher customer loyalty. The Smart Home platform is deeply integrated into the gateway, which makes the daily use effortless and very valuable for the modern household.


  •  Best-in-class Wi-Fi solution
  •  Vendor-independent
  •  Award-winning industrial design
  •  Integrated CATV solution
  •  Low power consumption
  •  Optional operator branding
  •  Extensive IPv6 support
  •  Customized firmware
  •  Built-in Smart Home platform