SWMD-HE-8/16TX-2CB Hardened 8 / 16 Port Managed Switch

SSWMD-HE-8/16TTX Hardened Layer 2 SwitchWMD-HE-8/16TX-2CB are hardened Gigabit Ethernet switches dedicated to the mission critical networks of railway infrastructures and electric transport and distribution substations

SWMD-HE-8/16TX switch is desinged for operation in severe electromagnetic environment with compliance to EN 50121-4 railway and IEC 61850 / IEEE 1613 electrical substation standards.

SWMD-HE-8/16TX suits most industry integration requirements thanks to its compact aluminum DIN rail form factor with IP30 protection and resistance to shocks and vibrations.

SWMD-HE-8/16TX is designed for installation in non temperature controlled environments with a wide –40 to +75 °C operating temperature range and up to +85 °C for limited periods of time.

SWMD-HE-8TX16TX-2CB Datasheet



  • 8 or 16 x 10/100BaseT Ethernet ports, RJ45
  • 0 or 2 x 100FX optical Ethernet port, SFP
  • 0 or 2 x 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet ports, RJ45
  • 0 or 2 x GigEthernet combo ports, RJ45/SFP


  • Power supply: two inputs, 12 to 50 Vdc
  • Size: 125 x 84 x 145mm
  • Operating temperature range: -40 to +75 °C
  • Rail: EN50121-4
  • Substation: IEC61850-3, IEEE1613