DM991 – 2 and 4 wires SHDSL Modem

DM991 SHDSL ModemThe DM991 is a G.shdsl modem that can be used to transmit simultaneously voice and data up to 5.696kbit/s (BIS version on 2 wires) or up to 11.392kbit/s (BIS version on 4 wires). G.shdsl-compliant (ITU-T G.991.2) – the most modern and high performance HDSL modem standard.

DM991C/CE/S/SE Datasheet

DM991CR/CS Datasheet


DM991 SHDSL Modem

Allows 64kbit/s timeslots to be distributed between E1 interfaces (G.703/G.704), digital interfaces (V.35-V.36/V.11) and Ethernet (10/100BaseT), enabling, for example, simultaneous connections between a digital PABX, a router and one LAN.

It is entirely configurable via terminal emulation with a DB9 RS232 control port on the front panel. It also can be configured by DIP-Switches presents on the equipment (No management required).

Remote management through EOC.

Through an SNMP agent, such as the DMG20 management card or a DM705 multiplexer, the DMView platform can manage the entire equipment.

No initial user configuration is required to operate as an NTU, since that can be achieved remotely by LTU. Client installation requires only a line connection and electricity.

Operations with internal clock, external clock (digital interface CT113), regenerated from the G.703 (E1) signal or regenerated from the DSL line (modem). Automatic commuting to the internal clock in the absence of regenerated or external clock.

Test pattern generator with error detection, activated by the control port (BERT).

Transparent to any data sequence generated by ETD.

LED indicators for: Power supply, CT103, CT104, CT106/E1, ETH(0 to 4) CT109/DSL (lines A and B), internal clock and test.

DSL line backup for the 4W model when configured as 2 wires.


  • It operates at variable rates ranging from 192kbit/s to 11.392kbit/s in conformity with ITU-T G.991.2.
  • 7.1km reach at 192kbit/s, 4.1km at 2,304kbit/s; 1.8km at 5,696kbit/s; on noiseless 0.4mm lines on 2 wires and 7.1km reach at 384kbit/s, 4.1km at 4,608kbit/s; 1.8km at 11,392kbit/s; on noiseless 0.4mm lines on 4 wires.
  • One E1 interface (G.703-G.704), one V.35 interface (V.35-V.36/V.11) and up to 5 Ethernet interfaces 10/100BaseT (Bridge or Router). The router interface can include 2 LANs – one with 4 Ethernet ports that act as a Switch.
  • Ethernet interface (10/100BaseT type), compatible with the IEEE 802.3 standard, acting as a router.
  • Able of transferring voice and data simultaneously.
  • Totally configurable through terminal emulation or remote management;
  • It is entirely configurable via terminal emulation with a DB9 RS232 control port on the front panel.
  • It is entirely configurable via Telnet or SSH, featuring a physical connection with a LAN or WAN Router port.
  • Remotely manageable by the DMView platform through another converter and/or operating associated with a DM705-SUB concentrator;
  • Remote firmware update through local equipment;
  • Models DM991S and DM991SE compatible with subrack for slim modem/converter cards.
  • May operate as an interface converter  available on DM991 and DM991S only;


DM991 Application

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