FO E3T3 Fibre Optic Modem

FO E3T3 G703 Fibre Optic ModemThe FOE3T3 is a fibre optic modem aimed at transporting a G703 E3 or T3 interface. Thanks to a choice of fibre optic interfaces or SFP module, the FOE3T3 extends E3 & T3 links over distances of 4 km up to 200 km with SFP or single fibre WDM. This product is very convenient to transport E3/T3-DS3 in shorter distance instead of dual coax cable.

FO E3T3 Datasheet


FO-E3T3 Fibre Optic Modem

This product is a viable replacement for the Probot 3007 Fibre Optic Modem