S-Bus Extenders

CW2000 X21 Extender X21 Externder

The CW2000 Series S BUS Extender is designed for extending secure telephones over X21 networks. Each unit can accommodate up to 4 secure ISDN telephones and combine them into an X21 presentation. The system interfaces the telephones and converts the channels into a fractional E1 G703 stream which in turn is presented to the E1 port of the 2000 unit , the 2000 unit then tags the time slots and outputs 4 off X21 channels which can be connected into a X21 network such as DSSS.

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SigmaSigma S-Bus Extender

The Sigma is an invers NT-1 that changes a BRI-S interface into a BRI-U interface and provides power feeding on the U interface.

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