MX E3T3-F-16E1

MX E3T3 MultiplexerThe MX-E3T3 is a PDH, E3/T3 multiplexer to 16 or 21 E1/28 T1 interfaces. The MX-E3T3 provides a simple and cost effective solution for transporting multiple E1/T1 over a single 34/45M data stream in a Telco or industrial environment. The MX-E3T3 provides multiple solutions in a single box.

MXE3T3 Datasheet


MXE3T3-F-16E1T1 Fibre optic multiplexer - FOE3T3 Fibre optic modem

MXE3T3 Fibre optic E1-E3 multiplexer Fibre Ring