HX9550 SDH/PDH Hybrid Access Multiplexer

HX9550 Hybrid PDH / SDH Access Multiplexer

The HX9550 SDH/SONET/PDH is a Multi-Service Access Platform with:

  • High density TDM/PDH multiplexer DACS supporting voice, async and sync data, industrial copper and optical interfaces, G.SHDSL extension, dry contact and Ethernet EoPDH bridges/router interfaces
  • An economical STM-1/4 (OC-3/12) access ADH ADM/TM multiplexer with full cross-connect with SDH link and local TDM/PDH interfaces
  • TDMoE encapsulation and L2 GE switch card to transport TDM PseudoWire circuits over GE WAN together with local LAN

HX9550 Datasheet

The HX9550R series is great for applications in the utilities (power, oil and gas), transportation and chemical industries, it can be used to concentrate and to distribute a mixed flow of analogue/voice , low rate async / sync, E1, DSL and Ethernet over STM1/4 optical link



HX9550 Application