PDH / SDH Access & Infrastructure Multiplexers

TDM Critical Infrastructure Networks

Many people see the legacy TDM networks as end of life, this is definitely not the case. Many private network operates such as utilities and transport sectors still depend on PDH / SDH technologies in order to deliver a reliable, low latency and deterministic networks for mission critical infrastructure.

We work with five partners in order to deliver the legacy infrastructure that our customers require. Each product range offers unique features and benefits allowing us to consult with the customer and provide a robust, feature rich OT network.

Avara Technolohies

Working closely with Avara Technologies we can extend the life of Nokia DynaNet networks despite DynaNet being EoL. We offer interface cards from the Avara DynaFlex range that are fully compatible and inter-operable with DynaNet. This means that network managers are not forced to replace a reliable network without the need whilst saving cost and allowing business to invest in areas that require more attention.

The DynaFlex multi-service platform supports low speed interfaces such as, serial data, voice, C37.94, G.703/G.704 and SHDSL and can transport them over an STM1/4 or GigE optical ports all in one product.


We have been working with CXR since the early days of Cherry & White, we have a strong relationship that was built on the foundations of PDH and SDH technologies. CXR offer a wide range of TDM products that have a proven track record within the utilities sector. The QX3440, HX9400 and HX9500 range supports a comprehensive set of low speed interface and support SDH bandwidths of up to STM16


Over the past few years we have worked closely with Datacom to produce bespoke PDH & SDH network with very advanced features that meet the demanding security requirements of government and MOD networks. The Datacom DM705 PDH multi-service platform offers a flexible solution that supports many of the low rate interfaces transported over STM1. The DM800 ranges works in conjunction with the DM705 offering a scalable SDH multiplexer solution that is suitable for modern requirements.

ECI Telecom

ECI Telecom specialise in carrying legacy PDH/SDH infrastructure over modern day IP-MPLS and MPLS-TP networks. Working with ECI we can offer a very comprehensive and flexible solution that meets the low latency and reliability requirements of critical infrastructure whilst utilising modern, packet based core infrastructure.

The ECI Neptune range supports low speed interfaces such as, serial data, voice, C37.94, G.703/G.704, SHDSL STM 1/4/16 and Ethernet client interfaces and can transport them over an STM1/4/16/64, GigE, 10GigE and 100GigE optical line ports.

Keymile / ABB

We work with ABB to offer the Keymile solution to existing customer, we offer the Milegate hybrid mux and UMUX replacements as well as the UNEM management system. The Milegate platform allows network operators to have broadband and legacy service via single product with its dual TDM and packet based bus. Many Ethernet based access technologies are supported including multiple variations of DSL, GPON, ISDN, PDH and SDH services.