DM-GBT Slim Modem Enclosure

DMGBT Rack SystemDM-GBT is the compact option to use with slim interface cards. Only 1U height and integrated power supply unit, with support to slim interface cards.

AC and DC power supplies

  • DM-GBT features an integrated power supply unit
  • NBR 12304 class B compliant
  • Supports 48-60Vcc inputs (maximum 36-72Vcc) and 100 to 240Vca (maximum 90-253Vca)
  • DC power supply protected against polarity inversion
  • Internal power supply capacity of the interface:+5V (750mA);+12V (350mA);-12V (250mA).

Equipped with surge and transient suppressors to protect the line.

  • Maximum RMS tension: 130 Vca;
  • Maximum DC tension: 170 Vcc;
  • Maximum Power: 0.25W.

Allows the attachment of cards with knurled bolts.

Weight: 1.9 KG (empty)

Relative Humidity: up to 95%, non-condensed.

Dimensions: 44mm (1U) x 246mm x 335mm (Height x Width x Depth).


  • Compact (standalone) version for slim interface cards, merely 1U high.
  • Features only a single slot desktop enclosure for slim modems, interface converters or slim multiplexers.
  • The DM-GBT power source is integrated to the enclosure.
  • The rear panel features a DB25 female connector to digital interface connections (ETD) and a screw rail to connect to analog interfaces.

ApplicationDMGBT Application