CIP ALL Analogue To IP Converter

CIP4ALL CoverterThe CIP-ALL emulates and transports up to four analog leased lines and FXO/FXS telephone interfaces over Ethernet – IP. The analog interfaces are 300 – 3,400 Hz voice frequency type as per ITU-T M.1020 standard.

The CIP-ALL carries the voice frequency channels through pseudo-circuits over Ethernet / IP (Bundles) in compliance with the established CES over Packet Switched Network (RFC 5086) standard. The Analog to Digital conversion is performed by a G.711 CODEC and a high performance processor that delivers a minimum transfer delay and distortion-free transport. Each interface may be encapsulated in a dedicated IP Bundle. This technology does not compare with VoIP as it delivers faster transfer delay, full G.711 quality, which is compatible with any modem application.

CIP-ALL Datasheet


CIP-All Analogue over IP Variations


CIP-ALL TDMoIP Converter Point to PointCIP ALL to QX3440 PseudoWire Emulation

CIP ALL - QX3440 TDM over Ethernet