CIP-Serial TDMoIP The CIP-SERIAL is designed to carry a synchronous link encapsulated in PseudoWire over IP or Ethernet backhaul. It is use to migrate the synchronous Leased Lines over Ethernet infrastructure of Telcos. The encapsulation gives it the capability to transport unframed encrypted circuits used in Defence application.

The CIP-SERIAL are installed in the customer premises to migrate router connection over Ethernet backbone without any change in both serial routers with the rate from 64kbps to 2Mbps and up to 63 x 64kbps. The CIP-SERIAL is able to transport low rate flow at 2.4kbps, 4.8kbps, 9.6kbps, 19,2kbps for all industrial applications with optimization of the latency.

CIP-Serial Datasheet


  • CIP-SE11 – X21/V11
  • CIP-SE28 – RS232
  • CIP-SE35 – V35
  • CIP-SE36 – V36


CIP Serial PseudoWire

CIP-Serial - QX3440 TDMoIP